Just keep shooting

Just keep shooting or how to become a better photographer

This is the number one photo advice someone can give you: “Just keep shooting”. Photography like many things in life  benefits from continuity. Make it a habit, take a photo every day for a week, month or a whole year and your skills are going to improve. You will start to notice some photo opportunities  you would miss just yesterday.

Take your camera with you, there is almost nothing worse than seeing a beautiful scene just to remember you left your camera at home.  Only worse than this is to have a Sony mirrorless camera and only one battery 😀

Another thing to consider is fiddling with camera menus. Its much easier for me to find just that one function when I use my camera more frequently. This is especially important when you work for paid gigs, and under pressure. Finding a function can be a challenge sometimes. Another way to fight this is to have a custom quick menu to have your most used functions all in one place.

But remember to pack light, you dont need five lenses, two flashes, and a whole bag full of extra equipment on your back the whole day. Just take your camera and one or two favourite lenses. There are some photographers like Ansel Adams who only used one lens to create masterpieces.

To jumpstart your creative side you can start a photo project. There are many to choose or to create your own, maybe something like this 365 Days,  Mat Grangers private bodies or a photowalk with your photo buddies. Its more fun, and much safer to explore the city when you are in a group. It is always interesting to see different perspectives of the same subject shot by different photographers.

And remember

“The Best Camera is the one you have with you” – Chase Jarvis