New four lenses Sigma Art

Sigma just released four new ff lenses: 135mm f/1.8, 14mm f/1.8, 24-70mm OS, and 100-400mm OS :D

Sigma just released four new full frame lenses for Nikon, Canon and Sigma bodies. The newest addition to the Art series are 14mm f/1.8, 24-70mm OS, 135mm f/1.8, and 100-400mm.



14mm F1.8 DG HSM Art

The  14mm f1.8 DG HSM Art is the worlds first 1.8 wide angle lens. It features the same aspheric element found in other Art lens series. This should be a great lens for landscape, astrophotographers, and all of us who like to have it all in the frame 😀 Manufacturer promises great image quality  from edge to edge.

The largest glass mold (80mm) in the industry, offering photographers an ultra-wide prime with virtually no distortion, flare or ghosting.


24-70mm F2.8 DG HSM OS Art

This is the lens that wedding and event photographers have been waiting for quite some time. This should be that workhorse lens which should be in every photographers bag, or attached to his camera most of the time 😀

The new SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art accomplishes a challenging feat in optical design: incorporating optical stabilizer functionality in a large-diameter standard zoom. By leveraging all of its design and manufacturing expertise, SIGMA has ensured that this new lens fulfills the uncompromising requirements of the Art line for image and build quality.


135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art

Next in the line is the new 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art lens. It is equipped with new focusing motor with increased torque and better autofocus perfomance.  Is this the new bokeh king? In their own words:

With resolution so crystal-clear that individual hairs can be discerned in a portrait, this large-diameter lens also delivers a beautiful bokeh effect, giving photographers everything they need. It is ideal for close-ups and full-body shots, with subjects standing out against a pleasantly blurred background.


100-400mm F5-6.3 DG HSM OS Contemporary

And the last one in this lineup is the 100-400 f5-6.3 zoom telephoto lens. It should have great image quality, and great performance even at low shutter speeds. It also features a dust and splash proof design, and macro function. Another interesting feature of this lens is the optional push/pull zoom.

Which lens would you like to try the most? I’d like them all 😀